Is it possible to get English teacher, native speaker or even english enthusiast to speak with me?

If I want to learn under a professional teacher, Do I need to pay money in the internet or by any method of payment to contact and learn with my chosen teacher?

I think I should pay firtst, it's disappointing. Nothing today is made for charity.

By the way, I am still suffering from getting any native English langauge or even any language partner.

24 ديسمبر 2014 02:03
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You don't have to have a professional teacher, there are many people here who would be interested in being your language partner, I am sure. The obvious advantage of having a teacher is that a teacher should be able to correct any mistakes and explain grammatical and linguistic points to you clearly and in depth. 

25 ديسمبر 2014

Dear Emad,

Here is a link that will help to guide you through the process of finding a teacher or a community tutor.  Italki allows you to take 3 trial lessons so that you get used to how the system works.  You can use these sessions to "interview" some teachers/tutors and see if you can find someone you like. I would recommend that you carefully read what instructors say in their information section.  If you want grammar, look for someone who specializes in grammar.  If you are looking for straight conversation, look for someone who specializes in conversation.  Also look for someone you can connect with on a personal level.  You will learn better if you are relaxed and comfortable with your teacher.



Good luck in your search!

25 ديسمبر 2014

Hi Emad,


If you're looking for a professional teacher from italki, then you'll need to make arrangements to pay italki, NOT the teacher. All teachers on italki have an agreement with italki that the student pays italki, and after the class italki pays the teacher. This is fantastic because it means the teacher must attend the class with you if they want to be paid. Also, italki manage our calendars, so you get to choose the time you want to speak to the teacher, and you don't have to negotiate a time. 


I teach English on italki, and I'd be happy to accept your session request. 

25 ديسمبر 2014
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