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Ulysses Galvez
Spanish Movies

Hello! I am learning Spanish and I was wondering if there are any movies that are famous or quite promienent in Spanish Culture that are easy to follow but where I can still learn a great deal of vocabulary or common sayings amongst native speakers. Preferably some suggestions which I could look up on Netflix and watch, telenovelas I am also open to hear!


I appoligize if there was another discusion like this, If there was I just didn't come across it. If this is the case it'd be nice if someone were to send me a link so I could read it!


Thank you

24 de Dez de 2014 às 06:20
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I watched serial Barco. It is very interesting and it is different than tevenovelas. Mario Casas is the main actor. :)

28 de Dezembro de 2014

"Como agua para chocolate" is a good one for students on Netflix." A good short is "Viaje a Marte," found here:  


27 de Dezembro de 2014

Ulysses Galvez: there are always discussions about movies, but I'm not sure if there was one about the Spanish movies. Here is a Spanish movie that I like so much if you like to watch it:

Volver :

24 de Dezembro de 2014

"7 vidas" is pretty funny but it's difficult to understand everything they're saying because they speak so fast.

24 de Dezembro de 2014

Hi, you can see series in spanish how La que se avecina,Aida(comics) or sin tetas no hay paraiso(action).I hope my answer was good.Sorry my english isn't very good.

24 de Dezembro de 2014
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