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Voice and Accent (VNA)

I have been learning English for four years but still i am unable to pronounce so many words clearly and properly. I took classes in #BritishCouncil. However, i'm still working on my VNA part. Moreover, i'm also working on my grammer too.

If English is your second language, so i hope you come across this problem. I would love to know how you overcome on it. This means a lot to me.

Please do share your experince. Thanks :)

Dec 24, 2014 7:30 AM
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Hi Jammy, 


To reduce your accent, you really need to practise with someone who has experience of voice coaching, and who will listen to the way that you say a word and then give guidance on how to change the shape of your mouth. This is not something that most English teachers can do because they don't pay attention to vocalisation. 


December 24, 2014

You could practice your speaking by posting a voice clip in this thread:

December 24, 2014

Hello Jammy,

You need to read more and more to improve your vocabulary. You should consider the differences between British and American accent. Eventually, some practices and discussions with English native speakers are completely needed.

wish you good luck.

December 24, 2014
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