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tip for learning kanji


I just want to share a learning tip and tool that is very useful to any language really but I mainly use it for learning the kanji at the moment. If you are unaware, there are 3 writing systems in japan but kanji is known to be the most difficult since it has  2200 characters that are used and another 800 that have little to no use in japan which is a total of 3000 characters.


So the method I found to effectivly learn the kanji is the spaced repition method. the method is you review the word using a flashcard, then you review again and again over increasingly spaced intervals until it comes into your long term memory.


To learn the kanjis I use a book called remembering the kanji by James W. Heisig which I recommend and for the flash cards I use an app called anki. Any other kanji book is fine as long as it has the most used kanji in japan. The other flash card website I know is memrise but I don't know any other.

so far I got down at least 500 kanji, so I thought since it works well on me then I should share the idea. If anyone finds other methods on learning the kanji, please let me know. 

if you want more details, here's the video I found that made me find out about this method


Have a Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2014 12:44 AM
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Thz u,I just downloaded that app.According to user rating,that's awesome .

December 25, 2014
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