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Justin Frunk
is any of this new to you?

Correct ways to talk about your feelings:
“I feel like”
“I feel that”
I feel like I’m not needed.
I feel that you’re a great asset to the group.

Correct ways to talk about your study habits:
I study hard every day.
I try to keep good study habits/ I have good study habits.
I am always disciplined in my studies.
I’m very disciplined in my studies.

Talking about what other people think of you:
People think I’m strange.
People think that I’m confident but actually I’m insecure.
People always say that I look so happy, but on the inside I’m sad.
Some people get the impression that I don’t like them, when I really do!

Describing yourself:
I’m the type of person who loves to see people for who they really are.
I’m the type of person who takes everything seriously.

Other ways to use words or phrases that I read on italki!
“so, do you believe that beauty is only skin deep? or are you skeptical as well?
Nope, beauty is most definitely core deep.”
( [interesting blog that used this phrase]
High five (clap hands together as a way of encouragement or congratulations)
things are running smoothly (everything is working well and as planned)

25 de dic de 2014 1:52
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I don't understand you at all. Are you sure everyone should dulplicate your standard English sentences, cannot write by themselves?? 

25 de Diciembre de 2014
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