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Guys, some times ago I decided to immerse in the learning the Turkish language. I hadn't done that before, just interested. That was always quite interesting to memorise something because I didn't try to "download" at least a drop of that.
I really need your help.

I'd like to find out the rules of writing and using some words/phrases (affirmative, negative of noun, verb, adjective). for example: I like - I don't like; It's me - It's not me; mine - not mine; bad - not bad - too bad; there is a toy - there is no toy and etc. As you able.

Could anyone explain me what rule the construction of sentences obeys? /in the order of member of sentence. It's better to make some examples.

Using the pronouns with verbs/noun and their features of using


I'd be glad for any help! 


Dec 25, 2014 11:47 AM
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Turkish sentence structure :


In English people say “I like fish” but in Turkish we say :

I fish like.

for more about Turkish hit this link

December 25, 2014

На хороший учебник.

December 27, 2014
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