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Mohammed Al-Gahaffi
Do you aware that many programs are very dangerous for kids?

My advice is :


You should know what is your children watch in TV..


Not all programs is good for them..


Be aware that the director of programs doesn't care of you.. his own aim is to earn money only..


Most programs that children admire to watch is cartoon programs..


The results of cartoon programs:


The children will become very very angry and understanding to their parents..


The education system will not go on.. and getting bad marks in exams.




Last point/ try to give your kids as much as possible of information about their cultures, history and traditions.. without history there is no future..



Dec 25, 2014 12:21 PM
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Where is Bruce?!O_o!!

December 26, 2014

Once again I am reading certain parents getting defensive about their poor parenting, and quite frankly, laziness. You say there is nothing wrong with content on TV, while your lovely children stroll into their schools and gun down their classmates. But I'm sure that wasn't your fault. Let the kids watch what they want. At least this way you don't have to do any parenting.

December 25, 2014

I find myself disagreeing with you Mohammed, and also with Bruce. TV and video games are not proven to be more harmful than any other form of stimulus or education, and may in fact not be harmful at all. 


The US Surgeon General compiled a report in 2001 that showed NO appreciable effect on youth violence from watching TV.


@Bruce your comment about hair colour and unnatural behaviour is somewhat frightening to me. 

December 25, 2014

As usual, I concure with you Bruce. TV is a powerful educational tool. Parents who limit TV, and carefully select programs for their kids can reap the benefits. On the other hand, those who use it as a way to shirk their responsibility will most likely do themselves and society a great disservice. Of course, it will never hold up in a court of law, so they aren't too concerned.

December 26, 2014

Some more grammar corrections if you don't mind: Not all programs is are good for them.. Most programs that children admire to watch is are cartoon programs.  


"... without history there is no future.. "  - Mohammed    If this were true, then how would you explain that there was a future point in time after the beginning of time when there wasn't any past history? 

December 25, 2014
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