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Hi guys!!!!!.... so what do you usually eat and drink for new year´s eve???

Well, I´m new on Italki and want to improve my english and german... so the answers can be in german, english or spanisch, I don´t mind :)


In my country we eat pork and drink red vine... there are a lot of parties for New year´s eve but normally people celebrate it with the whole family... 


some new awesome ideas to change this?? 

Dec 25, 2014 11:30 PM
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I am from Venezuela, here in my countre we eat "Hallacas", and drink: "Todo lo que sea alcohol" jajaja

December 26, 2014

Hallo, Frohe Weinachten! Normalerweise esse ich alles, aber dieser Weinachten war ich in Asien, und gesternabend habe ich viel Biere getrunken und ich habe auch viel Suppe gegessen! Das ist das Leben im Asien.


Hola, feliz Navidad! Espero que la te haya pasado bien! Estoy en Asía, entonces esta navidad yo he bebido muchas cerveces y he comido muchas sopas! Así es la vida de Asia! :)

December 26, 2014



 My modest  food and drink  might surprise you.  I had a dinner of beef, potatoes and a vegetable.


   My drink was water.   Later in the evening I drank hot tea.


   Not  much excitement in that,  but definitely I have enjoyed my day. 


   There is not much to change in your writing here.   You referred to "red vine"  when the common phrase is "red wine".    Welcome to the forum and I hope you will find  much success.  Merry Christmas to you.

December 26, 2014
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