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What is your opinion on online shopping?

Online shopping has been popular several years ago, and it becomes more and more popular. Moreover, people are not satisfied with native online shopping, they have already buy things from abroad net. I bought a venue 8 pro from in March which turns out pretty good. I live in China, I got this stuff in June. It is a long time, and that's why I do not like to buy on it but I really cannot control myself(because some products are cheaper than here). So what is your similiar experience on buy things abroad? Anyone like this way. Actually, I like it but it takes long time. And I also would like you recommend some other place, like ebay.

Dec 26, 2014 10:26 AM
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I enjoy shopping online because I don't like all the effort involved in shopping in a local store.  When I buy clothing I try to buy from the online version of a local store, that way if something doesn't fit I can return it to the store and not have to pay to send it back.

I buy a lot of things from  I don't know if it is avaliable in China, but one of my Brazilian students tells me that he uses it with great success in Sao Paulo.  I have had good experiences with both Amazon and eBay.  I have never tried Alibaba, but I will someday!

December 26, 2014
I prefer buying online. You don't have to drive through traffic, walk through the rush and bring back the product. In online shopping they do all the difficult task for you. I recently bought a TV online, an android smart TV from Blueberrys ( ). Bought it online, hassle free, tension free.
December 18, 2017
I love it and I think it's convenient. At least I would not have to worry about traffic, etc but I wouldn't go online shopping if I'd look for shoes or clothes. The rest... I buy online
June 14, 2019
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