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What is music to you? Can you recommend some songs that you love the most?

Someone asked me about it before,and I think it's like weather to me,like emotion.But it hardly has healing function.I'd still be sad even I listen to an enjoyable rap song. Do you have any songs that you like very much,or inspired you a lot? Any genre is welcome.


2014年12月27日 02:54
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Music to me is a breath of fresh air, a shoulder to cry when I'm sad and I feel lonely. To sum up, all my life. I'll give you some of them:

1. Two is better than one - Boys Like Girls, Taylor Swift

2. Until You - Shayne Ward

3. Any one of us - Gareth Gates

4. Breathless - Shayne Ward

5. Inconsolable - Backstreet Boys

6. Straight Through My Heart - Backstreet Boys

7. As long as you love me - Backstreet Boys

8. Drowning - Backstreet Boys

9. Bubble Love - MC Mong, Seo In Young

10. Let's take the world tonight - Shane Harper (I hope someone dedicates it to me one day)

11. Just friends - Shane Harper

12. Dance with me - Shane Harper

13. The difference - Westlife

14. The difference in me - Westlife



@Damian20:For Oasis,I'd prefer 'Stop crying your heart out',thanks for the recommendation of spanish songs,I like Enrique's songs. :)


I'd like to think that  music is an impulse, something trough with we can express ourselfs;

but also a way to change our mood and state of mind (A persisting rhythm or a very high pitched voice it can module our feelings: joy, anger, sadness, melancholy).

I think each culture has found its way of expression and benifits from music trough their rituals: the tibetan overtone singing (health and meditation), Orchestra and plays (telling stories),  rock concerts or  rave party (bringing people together ), or the military march songs  to stand the physical stress and efforts you have to make.

Music also brings me to mind that we express ourselfs  with many differrent music genres, let's say rap for example: for a linguistic or social scientist it must be pleasent to notice the diatopic variations of terminologies and accents from one place to another, depending on the register you can deduce how well instructed the artist might be.


In conbclusion I wanted to state that music can be a way to express the inner instintm to express in an artistic way who we are but who we don't get to be in real life. That music can modulate and vary oru mood and state of mind, but that music even if not linguistically considered a language talks to us, maybe involontary, and tells us a lot of things. 


I enjoyed a lot this topic.


I listen to very different styles. It's difficult to suggest you something to listen to, but of course  I will !

John Hopkins

J. Cole

Jethro Tull 











state of mind and mood

talks about colture



I'm listening this song, อสงไขย (eternity). I like lyrics of this song.


Songs that I think are very good:


In English:

Lyla, Wonderwall, Little by Little, Falling Down  - Oasis

You´re the Voice- John Farnham

Kiss from a Rose, Future Love Paradise, Crazy, Fly like an Eagle- Seal

Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys

Bedshaped, Clear Skies - Keane

Porcelain - Moby

From the Inside, Easier to Run, Numb, In the End, Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park




In Spanish:

Nada Particular, Wako-Shaman, Mayo - Miguel Bosé

Cuando seas grande, Perdiendo el control - Miguel Mateos

Mentira, Aquí - La Ley

Vuelvo, Mas Allá - Beto Cuevas

Chance - Ataque 77

Sin Miedo a Nada - Alex Ubago ft Amaia Montero

Ritmo Total - Enrique Iglesias


I think that music can be very powerful. It can transmit many emotions to the person listening. And because of that things wouldn´t be the same without music.                                              




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