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Like learning a foreign language

Holle.My name is Fanne.I come from China and live in guangdong.I can speak Chinese and cantonese.I like learning English Japanese and Korean .I like to make friends But My foreign language is not good.Can you help me? If you can Please reply to: Many thanks.

Dec 27, 2014 5:05 AM
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Hello, my name is Fanne. I come from China and I live/ I am living in guangdong.I can speak Chinese and Cantonese. I like learning English, Japanese and Korean . I like to make friends. But my foreign language is not good. Can you help me? If you can Please reply to me. Thank you very much.


Good work Fanne.

Try to read more English notes. There is always a single space whenever you use comma or full-stop.

Best wishes.


December 27, 2014
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