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how to sing english song well? do you have good way to improve? please tell me.....
Dec 27, 2014 7:45 AM
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Sunny, I think the best way to begin is to pick a slow song. These are called "ballads". Most are love songs or something similar. Print out the lyrics and read over them. If you have a language partner who practices English with you, It will help to have the language parter read over the lyrics a phrase at a time. A 3-word phrase generally words well, and then you can repeat it so that you pronounce the words correctly.

If you can watch a video performance of the song, or listen to a CD also, it will help to memorize both the words and the melody or the sound of the song. Then just imitate the sounds of the language you are listening to. When you are able to imitate the rythm of the song and the rhyme of the lyrics, you will have the general idea about how to practice with another song.

Here is a list of the Slow Ballads that I use with my own students::

The lyrics for these can also be found in my Notebook Entries. Otherwise, just do an Internet Search like: LYRICS + "Song Title" and you can then copy and paste the lyrics and print them.

And do not be concerned if the singing is awkward. Actually, just reading the lyrics aloud can be a great help in the development of

speaking and writing skills.

December 27, 2014

Hi Dear

You should have knowledge about singing and see some of good ones like One Direction group. They are awesome. Immitation is a routine method to understand how the singer develops the quality of singing. I did some rhyme in Persian and I heard that a part of singing is being more accustomed to rhyme and lyric is helpful.

I hope my words assist you.

December 27, 2014
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