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A brief topic about Brazil


Despite of the common world sense , Brazil can surprise you for bad and for good, then I will tell you some curiosities about Brazil.


Lets start talking about the language: In Brazil the oficial language is the PORTUGUESE. I already spoke with a lot of people that thought that her the people talked Spanish, but no, This is the most lusophone country of the world. Still about that, brazil have also some cities of the south that have German and Italian as co-official language, it means, Portuguese is the oficial but you can find a city in brasil that the people will talk in german or italian. Here there are the neighborhoods of imigrants like Liberdade neighborhood in São paulo where everything is in Japanese. English and Spanish are are compulsory subjects at school and in State of Rondônia French is obligate. But it doesnt mean that the people know how to speak the language once the basic education here is not good in public schools.


The next: About Nature and animals


About 10% of our territory is florestal reserve, it means none can touch or even visit, of course this amount is different depending on the place, this is too much strong in the north of the country because of the amazon forest (there are the environmental crimes, no should go there but still exist the wood smugglers) but also in the northeast like the State of Rio grande do Norte where there is a desert and everything is florestal reserve, none can build the place is untouchable. For example around I am living there are at least 4 florestal reserves. Near my parents home there is a big reserve where there is a big lake there. And you can do trekkings or visit once is controled by the brazilian army and on other side try to hike in tropical forest is too hard and there are animals and insects. One mith that I have to make you forget is about the monkeys, there are not monkeys here and I have never seen a monkey in the street, we just can see they at zoo park, because they live in the great forests in the north and even that If you go to Manaus(Capital of state of Amazonas built in the heart of the forest) you wont see them also. The same with snakes. If you come to brazil you wont see monkeys or snakes, but birds. Brazil is the place of birds, there are a lot of birds here.

And yes, we have snow! But in the south of country in states like Rio grande do sul, Paraná and Santa catarina they have hurricanes (not often) and snow. Yes we have earthquakes, but not strong but every year the people from the countryside of my state Pernambuco and states of Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte feel the shake of the earth due to separation of the tectonic plate of the atlantic. Our first Tsunami was in 1755 in Fortaleza capital of state of Ceará because of the earthquake that destructed Lisbon in Portugal, the wave came sweeping all the atlantic islands but didnt caused too many damages here because at that time Fortaleza were not a big city, just a fishermen village.

The normal temperature of the sea of Northeast is between 25 and 28 Celsius. And the sun here is a problem, because of the high incidence of skin cancer caused due to long exposition to sun.


About cities and capitals


Brazil is a big country that is subdivided by states, then sometimes you have to see brazil like 27 countries into one. And each state have their capital. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, was built in the central planalt, a desertic region, dry and cold. The two big cities of the country are São Paulo city that for its turn is the capital of the State of São Paulo and the second one is Rio de Janeiro city that also as the first is the Capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The country is shared by regions and there are 5: North, Northeast (that was the first region of the country and where I am from and lived my whole life), Southeast, West-Center and South. In the North there is the Amazon forest and the Amazon river, both are in the State of Amazonas. In the Northeast there is the desert, São Francisco river and the historical part of brazil because was here that the country was born. In the southeast are the biggest cities São Paulo and Rio. The West Center there are the Pantanal, the great plantations and the capital Brasilia. In the South there are the immigrant colonies where the people talk German and Italian in addition to Portuguese.


I hope you enjoy!

Dec 27, 2014 2:39 PM
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So good to know this from u ,  my impression about Brazil is football, enthusiasm and beauty ^_^

December 27, 2014

That was informative! Thank you for sharing. A friend of mine from São Paulo used to say that his country is more of a 'sensation', a 'feeling' :)

December 27, 2014

I'm not sure about Paraná and Santa Catarina, but in Rio Grande do Sul at least, people who are of Italian and German descent speak Talian and Hunsrückisch, dialects which are -from what I've heard- quite different from standard Italian/German. I know Talian is actually much closer to Venetian.

December 27, 2014

Any russian know a two things fbout a Brasil.

1. Its a lot of wild monkeys in Brasil.

2. Everyone walking in white pants in Rio de Janeiro.


Now i know more. Thanks.

February 25, 2015

Talk about european dialect, but forget de native indian dialects. and in Candoble (afro- brazilian religion) ritual they speak Iorumba that it's oficial language in Nigeria and speak in regions of countries around Nigeria.

December 28, 2014
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