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That is big game.

Found this phrase in Ernest Hemingway's "For whom the bell tolls":

- "That is big game."


Why there is no article "a" like this: "That is a big game." ?


Dec 27, 2014 3:06 PM
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It probably refers to hunting. Big game refers to large animals which are hunted for sport.


December 27, 2014

thank you!

December 27, 2014

  I am not knowledgeable completely about the context,  but Hemingway was a  "Big Game Hunter"


  That means he would have  hunted such large game as  Moose,  Elk,  and Bear in North America, and

Cape Buffalo etcetera in Africa. 


    Hemingway may have been using the phrase,  "Big Game"  metaphorically.


 Thus,  any subject that is very serious or very important, or even "dangerous" can be referred to as

"Big Game".


December 27, 2014
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