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PlayStation vs Xbox ...and N-Wii

Do you like videogames? In your opinion what console is better? Why? 

I had the fat PS3 but it passed out (YLOD problem) currently my gf wants to buy me a new one but I don't know which I choose? Any ideas??

Personally I get angry with Sony for the lack of customer's assistence. I mean I spent 600 euros (I'm talking 6-7 years before) and they said that it was not possible fix it. According it is not fair. I have a Blu-Ray on it that I can't use. 

PS: I don't want a console actually but my gf decided I must have one. I think she wants me playing videogames all the time while she feel free of doing everything she wants but I don't know why??? I hope she is not cheating on me. Just kiddin hahaha 

Dec 27, 2014 10:42 PM
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I choose an XBOX because the console has a long support period by game developers. Also, the PS and XBOX now has a same graphic quality. Can say nothing about Wii.

December 27, 2014
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