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Need help translating from english to Japanese. Please keep it natural sounding.(hiragana only please)

My name is Seth. I am 19 years old. I like to read, watch anime, lift weights, hike, or just hang out with my friends. I am passionate about learning Japanese and can't wait to be fluent to where I can read, write, and speak it well. I have wanted to learn Japanese since I was about 9 years old. Around that time I even learned about a hundred Kanji. For some reason I stopped learning Japanese but now ten years later I am learning it once again. To me Japanese is the coolest sounding and looking language. It is like beautiful music to my ears. I plan to visit Japan and being able to speak with the people and really just enjoy the culture. Anyway I was born in Utah in the United States and have lived in various states since then. Excluding Utah I have lived in California, Florida, North Carolina, and now Idaho for college. My favorite place to live was North Carolina.

28 de dic de 2014 3:56
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どうもありがとうございますよこ!Thanks so much for the translation I really appreciate it!

12 de Enero de 2015

Has anymore translated it for you?



12 de Enero de 2015
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