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Asking Questions in Thai Language using ใช่ไหม (Chai-mhai)

ใช่ไหม Chai-mhai

Placed an the end of the sentence.

- Used when the speaker has a confidence toward the questions being asked.

English translation are:

isn't it?



Remember that there are so many different way to say this and it depends on whom you are speaking to.

1) ใช่ไหม (Chai-mhai) used for formal conversation

2) ใช่มั้ย  (Chai-mai)   used for informal conversation

3) ใช่ป่าว (Chai-pao)   informal

4) ใช่ปะ  (Chai-pa)     informal

5) ใช่มะ  (Chai-ma)    informal



- คุณเป็นคนไทยใช่ไหมครับ (Khun-bpen-kon-thai-chai-mhai-krub)

You are Thai, aren't you?

- เธอไม่ได้ไปโรงเรียนใช่มั้ย (Ter-mai-dai-pai-rong-rean-chai-mai)

You did not go to school, right?

- เธอชื่อเจนใช่ป่าว (Ter-cheu-jane-chai-pao)

Your name is Jane, right?

- เธอมาจากประเทศจีนใช่ปะ (Ter-ma-jaak-pra-ted-jeen-chai-pa)

You come from China, right?

- นายเป็นเพื่อนเเจนใช่มะ (Nai-pen-peun-jan-chai-ma)

You are a friend of Jan, aren't you?


!!!!!"คุณ" means "You (formal)" and can be used to call both male and female

      "นาย" means "You (informal)" and can only be used to call male

      "เธอ" means "You (informal)" and can only be used to call female

28 de Dez de 2014 às 17:45
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