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Valeria May
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What was the last thing you got "out of the mouth of the lion"? من فم الأسر

أخذنا الشحن و ألربلة من فم الأسر .

Recently my friend and me were lucky, we lost and found our charger and the ring, and so the hotel gave us back the items. The arabs say "we took it out of the mouth of the lion".

What was the last thing you got back although it was not easy to get it back?

Dec 29, 2014 12:40 PM
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There is similar proverb and that is:

"شعرة من جلد كلب"


"شعرة من جلد خنزير"


It means you take something from someone you hate the most.

December 29, 2014

أخذنا الشحن و ألربلة من فم الأسر: 

أخذنا الشاحن والخاتم من فم الأسد.


I just corrected it for you Valeria :) But I need to ask you what you mean by "ring" here?

Is it the ring put on your finger? If I yes, then I corrected it for you the right you, if not tell me, so I'll correct it again for you. By the way this is the first time I hear this Arabic proverb (,")

December 29, 2014

in algeria we say something similar : idjibha men foum essba3.  wihc means: he brings it from the mouth of the lion.

we use it to talk about someone who is resourceful and supports himself smartly

January 2, 2015
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