Do you know that, right ?

Russian teachers have awful acsent when they speak English. IMHO

I don't know why is that happen, but it is really hard to listen ) 





29 dec 2014 19:14
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There is no nessasary to visit these countries ) Something should be changed in usual methods of learning another languages. 

It's very common problem I think.









29 december 2014

Hi Daria,


I believe the problem is that most teachers in Russia have never visited the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or any other English speaking country. They learn English from other Russians who also never visited an English speaking country. 


It's very sad, because all of the students I've spoken to who come from Russia really want to be able to speak Russian fluently. 

29 december 2014

Just out of curiosity, have you ever heard a real Australian accent or have you only heard the fake Australian accent used in American movies? "Australians" in American movies speak in a horribly over-exaggerated accent because most Americans can't hear the difference between a real Australian accent an RP.


I'm not offended. Everyone likes some accents more than others, but I suspect what you (and a lot of other people) think is an Australian accent is actually a Boston accent. I'm simply curious :-)

3 januari 2015
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