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Learning Article : Demonstrative Pronouns In Arabic

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Demonstrative Pronouns In Arabic

Learn how to use demonstrative pronouns in Arabic with these lists of examples in both English and Arabic.

Dec 19, 2014 12:00 AM
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Well explained! I liked that you used very simple examples.
November 10, 2016

@Matsurika88 كلمة ذانك موجودة في القران ( فذانك برهانان من ربك إلى فرعون وملئه إنهم كانوا قوما فاسقين) في سورة القصص

September 25, 2015

@Nick dialects are various so you can find the other demonstrative pronoun , eg. hathan (in south tunisia) , also you can find other ( don't exist in the article who aren't exist in "Fosha " arabic ) eg. hathom (ha'2ola2) , hathoukom (أؤلاك) ...

September 25, 2015

صراحةً أول مرة أسمع بذانك وتانك! وأنا طول عمري أدرس عربي، الله يعافي مناهجنا ☺

April 26, 2015

هذا is for male

هذه is for female

هادي It's a man name

In Levantine we don't say هذا،هذه

We say هاد,هادا،هيداfor masculine

هي،هيديfor feminine

January 4, 2018
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