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Brauchen Sie für die kommende deutsche B1-Prüfung von mir helfen

Respected Friends and Teachers,

Guten Abend! Ich Spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. I am quite interested to learn the german language. Currently I have passed A1 level a few years back but in the last couple of months I have not practiced that much of Deutsch in the last couple of weeks. My Exam of Deutsch Zertifikat B1 is going to be held in 10-11th January'2015 in Goethe-Institut Dhaka. I have been practicing quite hard since the last 2 days but don't how much progress I will make. I was also planning to give B2 exam in Goethe-Institut Dhaka on April 2015. If you provide any preparatory for my upcoming exam of B1 on 10-11th January'2015 then it would be very kind of you. Also if anyone of you could give me additional tips whether and how can I prepare myself for B2 exams in April 2015.

I want to learn german as I want to do masters in Biomedical Engineering in Germany so that I could open a medical equipment industry in my country Bangladesh using the knowledge which I would earn from my masters degree in Germany

I humbly request you for your response.

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Dec 30, 2014 11:31 AM
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As for the B2 exam. In this case I had the feeling that they do not forgive you a lot if you don't know the grammar. You have to know almost everything. Sure, you may make mistakes, nobody is perfect, but these mistakes are valued highly. You have to be able to discuss with someone, not only to write/say the first thing that comes to your mind :D.

But I think with structured lessons you will make it until April if you achieve the B1 level before.


December 30, 2014


Sorry to say so but I am quite pesimistic because that`s honestly not enough of time.

It would be another case if you already have had a A2 or B1 in the best and simply forgot it during the last 2 years.

It`s a lot easier to refresh something than to actually learn something.

However, since you cannot go back now, I will try to give you some (hopefully) constructive advice.

The B1 level exam isn`t thaaaat hard after all. I had the feeling, when I did it for Spanish, that the basic thing they want is that you are able to write and talk at all. You may make a lot of mistakes but you have to be able to express something in a connected way.

So, I in your place would devide your time until the exam this way:

Since you don`t know the grammar yet which is required to write/speak for a certain time, learn the basic tenses Präsens, Präteritum - Perfekt, Futur 1

Don`t be upset if you don`t understand the difference between Präteritum - Perfekt perfectly well, I think it`ll be enough if you get the main idea.


The rest of the time, try to apply your knowledge. Invent topics and write small essays (7-10 sentences) about it and post them here on italki to get a correction (especially focuse on the sentence structure).

I think it`ll be hard to find someone who is patient enough to practice talking with you but you could try to invent once again topics, prepare them, and talk about it for real with a native speaker. If you prepare something I guess it will be more likely that he/she won`t give up on you/be annoyed.


December 30, 2014

Danke Schon Julia

December 30, 2014

If anyone have any suggestions please do post it.

December 30, 2014
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