Restaurant Couples


This 4.5 minute short film- "Restaurant Couple" is interesting to me but it didn't make sense to me. Please some one clarify it and express your opinion. 



Dec 30, 2014 7:59 PM
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The video also uses irony really well, considering how Meera supposedly wanted Nitin to be honest by saying the other girl is pretty, but she isn't a very honest person herself - nor does she really want to hear the truth like @Comandante mentioned. They could have avoided this whole drama if she had just said her self-confidence was low, who knows. Things for us to think as people actually dealing with other people and trying to get our thoughts and ideas across.

Either way it was a really, really good short film. I laughed out loud at the Cyrus Broacha bakra reference. Haha! Thanks for sharing. :)

December 31, 2014

It's showing the double standards of some women these days. Meera sees a beautiful girl at the restaurant, feels insecure about it, and tries to make her boyfriend say she's prettier to boost her deflated ego since her rich colleague is not paying attention to her anymore. The boyfriend on the other hand doesn't care for other girls, and tries to wave off the petty questions probably because he was just looking for a good time with his girlfriend. 


I think the video is trying to say that women (though I think it should apply to people in general) should appreciate the good things they have or risk losing them. In this case, Meera had a great guy, and instead of trying to be happy with him, she is obsessed about what other people think of her. Her idea of a bakwaas day/week is losing the superficial affections of a man she barely knows beyond his "great taste" and the BMW he owns. She definitely wouldn't have so unclassily mentioned these things if all that she feared was Nitin suddenly finding her unattractive one day.


Honestly though, he's way better off without her. The way she spoke - especially how she indifferently mentions being "in between best friends" (who even says that??) - she doesn't seem like the type of person who could maintain a good relationship with anyone because she only cares for herself. Long story short: she's pretty and educated, but has little to no compassion, warmth or interest in anyone/anything other than herself, so she got dumped.

December 31, 2014

This short film is really funny :) She just wanted from him to tell her she is more beautiful than than girl and when he didn't understand her and give her the wrong answer, she tried to tease him by doing the most thing a man hate. She made him doubt he honesty to him and as a result of that he left her and went to the other girl. SMH


She asked a question and she wanted from him to answer what she wanted to hear :)

I hope girls stop doing this :))

December 30, 2014
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