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Mi puoi raccomandare dei fumetti per imparare l'italiano?  Grazie!

Can you recommend to me some comics to learn Italian?  Thanks!

Dec 30, 2014 11:29 PM
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Hi Brittney,
I'm sure your italian is good enough to understand all the beautiful comics suggested so far.
(unfortunately, I can't say the same about my english :()
So I'd like to recommend to you a little more challenging reading.
I'm talking about Zerocalcare, an italian cartoonist who's been getting famous lately.
He talks and draws about himself and his generation in a funny and ironic way.
The stories are set in a neighborhood of Rome, sometimes just in a room, but the context is always Italy and its everyday life, the style is fresh and full of citations from the movies and music world.
The language used is mainly italian, but it is coloured by slang expressions of his own dialect.
I know that the humor could be difficult to grasp, but I think it would be worth trying.
I suggest you to start reading his blog which contains the most of his production...for free.



July 5, 2015

Non sono un'appassionata di fumetti. Quelli che ti sono stati consigliati sono famosi. Dipende dal genere che preferisci.

Prova con qualcosa di semplice all'inizio, anche se il tuo italiano mi sembra buono.

La tua domanda mi ha incuriosita ed ho fatto una piccola ricerca tramite web.

Prova a dare un'occhiata!

April 11, 2015

How others said to you, one of the most famous italian comix is Dylan Dog, The Nightmare Investigator. That comix uses a very simple language than I think it's perfect to improve your language skills

January 6, 2015

anche Ratman e famoso :)

January 6, 2015

Dylan Dog


Martyn Mystere


or some graphic novel by Toffolo 

January 2, 2015
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