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Problems in learning English as a second language

Here in New York City, we have millions of foreign-born people striving to learn conversational

English. As a psychologist and city resident, I encounter them every day.

For you, what poses the most challenge in grammar and syntax?

What grammatical "rules" are most confusing to you?

What is most frustrating in trying to master English?

And how important is it for you to learn with a native English speaker? 

31 de Dez de 2014 às 01:13
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As a French native speaker I think that in the end it is easier to learn English grammar than French grammar. As for me the challenge is greater when I have to have a conversation.I don't feel comfortable and I'm always looking for my words ( it's not the case when I'm writing). Without any doubt there is a lack of vocabulary and self confidence. I think speaking with English native speakers is very important.

31 de Dezembro de 2014

I think the English grammar is not difficult, but when it comes to speaking, pronunciation makes it very hard and as for me it takes a lot of time to say a sentence that makes sense in English. 

31 de Dezembro de 2014

 about me 
i studied english when i was young
in my schools they interested in grammer and translate  english word to arabic 

i didn't have problem with grammer also i don't remmber all of them but the main problem is correct accent ,phontics and practice it . 

i hope to improving my english and speak as native speaker 

31 de Dezembro de 2014
i think the most difficult for me in English is listening. when people speak, scrap of words  emerged in my mind, and then i translate it...i just cant helping doing this.
14 de Janeiro de 2018

I just can not stop translating , when I heard someone talking English , the very first thing happens in my mind is to translate all of makes me   understand very slow.

24 de Setembro de 2017
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