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Carrie Sun
Could you help to give me an English name?

Hello Everyone,


I always want to have a beautiful and meaningful English name, but never find that proper one.


My Chinese name is Li Sun, my present english name is Carrie Sun. Because of the TV Play <Carrie Diary>. I like the actress in the play. But, many foreign friends told me that the name is not good. And, they ofthen asked me the meanings of my name...


Actually, I am a tender girl, a liitle introverted. But, I like to make friends with others. Sometimes, I pursue perfect. When I determine to do one thing, I will try my best to make it perfect. My ideas are: If I want to do one thing, I must do it best, at least much better than others; if not, don't do it.


So, could you please give me a good English name? Thank you very much!


31. Dez 2014 03:54
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I like Laura's suggestion that you simply use your Chinese name and give it an English spelling, "Lee" or "Leigh."

"Sun" is not a common first name in the United States, but "Sunny" is a fairly common woman's name.

I do not understand why Chinese students like to adopt English names.

In the United States, at least in New England where I live, most people do not try to hide their national origin. They may simplify spelling, and they usually adopt an Anglicized pronunciation. I know a Vietnamese family named Nguyen who decided to spell it "Win." 

31. Dezember 2014

And I agree with others. "Carrie" is fine. I don't know who told you it is not good. I can't think of any problems with it. It is a good solid name. It has never been out of fashion, and it seems to be getting more fashionable lately. If you like it, keep it.

31. Dezember 2014

Carrie, it is nice to meet you!


You could always use your name and spell it differently to make it "English". Li becomes Lee or Leigh in English. 


However, when I was reading about you, the first adjective that came to mind was "hard-working". When you said that you strive for perfection, that means you are hard-working. So I looked up names that meant hard-working and the most beautiful one that I found was Amelia. I think that this name would be great for you because Amelia is a very pretty name in English, and the shortened form, Lia, means hard-working also!


And Lia sounds and looks like your name, Li!


I think that the name Amelia or Lia would be great for a hard-working person such as yourself! :)


Best of luck on finding a name that will reflect your personality! 


31. Dezember 2014

Hello Carrie Sun, it is difficult choosing a name. There are many. My name is Esme. It is an old old Irish name, but can also be found in France. The old Irish meaning is jewel. French it means love. 

A jewel is a hard stone of worth and value, respected and coveted. And love, well, everyone needs love. So I would be honoured if you chose Esme. 

I am a nurse. I am a mother. I own my own home. I am a strong person who is always striving for the best. I think Esme suits me and believe it will suit you too.

Best wishes choosing your name.

31. Dezember 2014

Meridith is a beautiful name... #greysanatomy

2. Januar 2015
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