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Ezaria (Zori) White
Learning Korean fluently

I really need to learn Korean fluently because I will be moving there soon and I don't really know enough to get by. Please help.

Dec 31, 2014 5:31 AM
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Are you taking offline classes? You could find someone to teach you and ask for an intensive class, so you can learn in a shorter time. When I first learnt Korean I finished level 1 and 2 (TOPIK) in a month because I took classes every day during term break.

December 31, 2014

First, you probably should get an assessment test on all four sections. Reading, listening, writing and speaking. If you're coming for a short time, you'll have to read and listen to a lot of Korean. Focus on those, then speaking. I'd say your best bet would be finding a real person to talk to, for example on italki. Also, enquire at a nearby university for Korean classes. There are online resources like duolingo, but the Korean-English course on duolingo isn't complete yet so be aware. Good luck!

December 31, 2014

Hi~Nice to meet you on italki.

I am Korean! Hope to be good friends :D

December 31, 2014
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