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im sory.
  i didnt mean to start a fight
i didnt mean to stay up all night
i didnt mean to make you cry
i was running out of time
i want to start it all over again
will you at least still be my friend.
i didnt mean for it to END. im sory.
will you look at me the same
i promise to be tame
i dont want it to be this way
i didnt want it to END this time. im sory.
dont leave me HANGING. IM SORY
do you forgive me
i dont want to just be friends.
is there more i can say
a game that we could play
im sory.
i died again. and i dont have another life.
your my only hope
i messed it up dont be so cold, and i wont be so dead.
i cant belive im not listening
i cant belive the words i said. im drownding in a pool of blood. sory.
Dec 15, 2008 8:22 PM
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merci beaucoup pour ton response
December 17, 2008
Hey, this feels like real. 
Im sorry that you are sorry
but happy that you can say it
You deserve your forgiveness
December 16, 2008
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