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Tiletha Melendez
Intemediate/Advance Korean materials

Hello everyone!

I am at a limbo trying to find materials that are upper imtemediate/advanced. Does anyone knows a website, besides talk to me in korean, to get more exposure to increase my level in to become more fluent?

31 de dic de 2014 20:21
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@Mill Thanks good luck with your jouney with Korean. The alphabet is easy to read and write and your can learn it in a day. There are a lot of materials out there to start learning Korean. Talk to me in Korean is an excellent (especially for Native English Speakers) to get a good gasp of the language.



2 de Enero de 2015

Hello, I think you might like to try this link:

Currently I am learning the Korean alphabet with this website (so I am a true beginner...) but I noticed that on the same website there are a lot of courses for Intermediate and Advanced korean. But they look like vocabulary building exercises- you might want to go and see for yourself. Perhaps they would be useful to you...


Also, you might like to check out

I think that the  site is pretty amazing and you can have a free trial and see if you like it- they offer a course for Intermediate Korean and Building your vocabulary.  


I think I have a few more resourses that might be useful to you, but I can't remember them right now. 


Anyways, all the best with your Korean learning. I am so impressed that you've reached such advanced level!! Well done and all the very best for 2015. Whenever you find some great resources please share them with the rest of us:-)

1 de Enero de 2015
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