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John Huang
Dear friends, may I ask how can more easily remember English words?

The method with good what? Please advice. I come from China Guilin, really hope you can help me, we can become friends, you can also come to Guilin to visit my hometown.

Jan 2, 2015 4:23 AM
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I agree with Tamara's comment.  You need to learn new words in context. I believe in memorizing phrases, sentences, paragraphs, pages. I also think it should be something that has meaning to you, like an experience that actually happened to you. That's why I think the notebook posts on this website are so helpful in learning a language. After someone corrects your notebook entry, you should memorize those modified entries so you can recite them fluenlty and easily. Or ask a native speaker to completely rewrite your stories so you can learn new vocabulary and grammar.

January 7, 2015

focus on the stressed syllable, so if you are learning a word like "goat" in english we really say

"GO-te" so just remember the "GO". Then take the stressed syllable and make a joke in your head so you could say "We have to GO because the GOat ate our house!" but use a chinese word that sounds like the stressed syllable! ^^


January 2, 2015

You can practice your english. Look up pictures online and put the Pinyin, Charecters and English Translation on it, thats what I use to learn Mandarin and it works pretty good, when you see those things if you practice it enough you will remember it.

January 2, 2015

For my own experience, the best way to memorize words is listening to pronunciation of the words and then repeat them in a repitive way.

I often use my cellphone to play those vocabulary audio files, and I found it is very helpful to remember vocabulary in the long term.  When you hear the pronunciation of one word, think about how to spell it, or if you do not remmember it, look it up in your vocabulary book. 

You need to spend much time to do it and need to be patient, especialy at the begining.  

January 8, 2015



 I think it is beneficial to remember words as ANTONYMS, which are words of opposite meanings.

  Keeping notebooks for these is one method.  Thus, you learn words in terms of opposite meanings.


  Another method would involve Mind-Mapping or Concept Mapping, which  involves using

colored markers   or crayons for words. For example,  action words  can employ bright or "energetic" colors.


  You can also employ colors to distinguish the Parts----of----Speech.


  I think it helps also to learn words in a specific context, such as a poem or song, or short story.

January 7, 2015
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