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I'm better when I talk to myself than to others

That time when I speak to myself in english I could even create a whole new story with an incredible fluency, but when I have the chance to talk to someone that only speak english I feel like retarded, I mean nervous, anxious, so I forget everythig, maybe I'm so unconfident about myself and scared to make a mistake. If there's any advice to get through this, I would aprecciate it, very much.

I know this is kind of old topic, but hey there's a newbie here, so please give me a chance.


note: this text wasn't reviewed by google translator so maybe this will have many mistakes, ok I'm daring to send this anyway.


2015년 1월 2일 오전 8:34
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Here is a wesbite with a few suggestions:


One of the suggestions you will read on this website is to learn songs in  your target language. When I was learning French many years ago, this gave me the confidence to use the language and to use it loudly and confidently! Find a few songs you like and search for the lyrics; sometimes, you will find subtitles on Youtube videos too. Both England and the USA are a rich source of folk music so find a few tunes you like and sing away!

2015년 1월 2일

Chio-  We ALL have the same problem at some time.  Practice, practice, practice talking with others is the only answer.  Good luck. 

2015년 1월 3일

the same problem here 

you can see movies to improve your skills and know how native spearkers speak 

you should have sel-confidence and keep trying 


2015년 1월 3일

I have the same problem too. I tried to make some friends on italki and speak to them to overcome it, but most of people on italki don't want to speak! They just want to practice English whit text chat. I really don't know what should I do?!

2015년 1월 2일

But i`m just opposite .:)

2015년 1월 2일
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