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Learning from non-native speakers

I want to learn Swedish, but I also want to make sure I have excellent pronunciation. When I learned French, I learned it from many teachers from many backgrounds, and my accent is all over the place. What are everyone's thoughts about learning from non-native speakers and how it affects one's accent? Specifically Swedish?

2015年1月2日 22:48
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From experience, I'd say learning from native speakers in the initial stages is imperative to get a solid base of the 'standard' pronounciation. Afterwards, you can go all over the place and compare the different accents, which I think is a good method to expand your comprehension.


Good luck with your Swedish studies. :)


Hmm. I should also have written this: They must have listened to various accents including non-native speakers', especially the standard one a lot, but they speak with specific accents. So, I think if you listen to various accents while you're learning, in the end your accent is getting closer to the one you listen to most.


I've watched some youtube videos by several learners of Japanese who don't speak with the standard accent. Their accents seem to come from the native speakers they talk to most or they listen to most. So, I think in the end your accent is getting closer to the people's you listen to most.

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