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Claudia Tian
Does extraterrestrial life really exist?I'm curious

Currently, I have watched a movie about ET. Those images linger in my mind, and I wanna know ur points about ET.

Jan 3, 2015 4:00 PM
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It's hard to imagine we are the only sentient beings in the Universe but considering what we have done to each other and our planet in the relatively short time we have had control I think Peachey is right. We are probably one of those planets that other beings would cross to the other side of the galaxy to avoid. 


January 3, 2015

"I've just watched a movie about ET."


Do you mean a documentary on extraterrestrial life, or the famous Spielberg movie? (It sounds as if you are actually asking about the Spielberg movie.)


Grammar note: I've just watched / I'm currently watching


"Those images are lingering in my mind, and I'd like to know your ideas about extraterrestrial life."


Very important: using shorthand/slang like "wanna" and "ur" makes you sound childish. No-one would take you seriously. The fact is, native speakers normally use regular English.


To answer your question, well I suppose it's possible, but probably not in the way we comprehend "life" on Earth. If they were advanced and intelligent enough to travel across space, then they'd definitely be intelligent enough to ignore us. ;)

January 3, 2015

"Martian meteorite may contain evidence of extraterrestrial life.  A meteorite from Mars that landed on Earth in 2011 contains a carbon compound that is biological in origin."



January 3, 2015
Claudia Tian
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