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Do you beleive in vampire?

have you seen one? i wish they were real but im not sure its possible,do cast shadows, and they can see their reflection in mirrors,can move at incredibly fast speeds, which they call "flitting,are much stronger than humans, can't be photographed -- their atoms act strangely and their images can't be captured on film or video tape...huh? can hypnotise people,are able to enter a house without being asked in.please if anyone can answer me....

Jan 3, 2015 8:30 PM
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Well Marta,  here are a lot of stupid discussion, one more doesn't hurt anubody.

at least this is a fun one.


January 3, 2015

A True Story


Once upon a time, there were two vampires – a father and a son.  They were hungry, so they found a victim and began to drink his blood.  They drank for a long time, until finally the father-vampire said, “It is time to leave this poor fellow alone, my son.  We have sucked enough blood from him.”  But the son-vampire protested: “But Father, we haven’t sucked all the blood out of his body.  He still has a few drops left.”  The father-vampire replied, “Yes, my son, I know.  But we have already sucked much blood, and it would be merciful to leave him a few drops.  After all, we are vampires -- not lawyers.”

January 3, 2015

Oh God, what a stupid discussion. 

January 3, 2015

I think now some persons are worse than vampires.That's why do not think about vampires:)

January 4, 2015

No dear I don't!

I believe after almost 20 years of vampires' industry, people will start thinking that they are real but they're not. What you see on TV series and Hollywood movies when it comes to vampires is just to attract viewers and that's it.

January 3, 2015
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