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In Hong-Kong


I and my husband came to Hong-Kong recently and discovered very beautifil and exciting city. We haven't visited any sights yet, but we are looking forward to. Could you give us some recomendations about the city or tell us about your favourite places? 


Sasha, my husband, is on bussiness trip while I am not, so I have a little more time to look around. Do you have any advice for the Hong-Kong explorer? 


We'd also be happy to meet some local people or other travellers. Unfortunalely, we don't speak any Chinese, but we speak English and our first language is Russian. 


Regards and many thanks,


4 gen 2015 02:32
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Don't worry, you will be fine speaking English in Hong Kong :)

everyone is really friendly and willing to help you out!

victoria peak is cool at night but maybe boring alone

causeway bay is a good place for shopping and lots of good places to eat around there

cant go wrong with asking the locals either

I went to ocean park and it's gonna be a long day of standing in lines, so I don't recommend going on many rides. The aquarium is awesome and i had some amazing pork curry in the penguin restaurant there. they had a couple cool roller coaster there. The hair raiser was really fun. 

i suggest you try lots of food because Hk has some really good food :)

4 gennaio 2015

Whoops, so many errors:


Another nice thing to do is to visit Sai Kung....


(MTR to Choi Hung or to Hang Hau, then Minibus to Sai Kung. You better have Octopus Card)


4 gennaio 2015

Here is a nice thing to do:


Take the ferry to Lamma (Sok Kwu Wan) (from the Central Ferry Pier) and take the walk to Yung Shue Wan. There is a short walk when you come from the ferry and turn right, or a long walk from the ferry turn left (via Shek Pai Wan Beach). The long one will take 2-3 hours.


The weather is so nice these days and perfect for a walk.


Another nice think to do it visit Sai Kung, I might do that later today too.

4 gennaio 2015

Thanks, Garrett and kraut9, for the info=)

5 gennaio 2015
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