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How to improve IELTS speaking and writing skills ? I am deeply troubled by IELTS examination. I found it is difficult to improve my speaking and writing skills. Do you have some suggestions for this matter ?
Jan 4, 2015 8:24 AM
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Hi Roger I agree with Ruthi that you need to practise a lot. But I'd like to add that you also need input. You can practise over and over again but unless you know where your mistakes are you will just keep making them and not make progress. So you need someone to tell you where you can change things to improve. To get high scores in IELTS you need to show that you can do quite a few different things all at the same time. These are similar for writing and speaking, and include a variety of vocabulary and grammar used correctly and appropriately, and organisation of ideas and the ability to link them logically. There are a few good websites that you can use to help e.g. But I still think that you need someone to guide you.
January 4, 2015
Hello Roger, The ONLY effective way to improve your speaking skills is by practising speaking every day with another person.Just think- if you want to learn to drive,how do you do that? Only by practising,right? You can't learn to drive from a book or by watching a video. You can't learn it by learning words by heart. So believe me,I have experience of teaching for more than 30 years,and there is no other way to do it.
January 4, 2015
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