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A true friend

In the dictionary, a real friend doesn’t define and each person’s mind define it by different ways. . From my point of view , a real friend is someone who cherishs to the moments and memories with other. A true friend is tested when you have nothing . When you are a bit short of money , the friend is always by my side and give money ….You can have many friends but you only have a real friend . So, you appreciate this friendship . I admit that friendship is a relationship which takes time to build .So you start building from now . I think that building the friendship is like planting a garden . If you want a beautiful garden , you has to have the best seed. Then you are patien to wait for growing of it . Maybe it takes 1 month , 2 month or more .. ..I think that your waiting is valuable because God will give a good tree which bloom into beautiful flowers for you . That is a real friendship .
Maybe , I am luckier than others . Because you have two true friends . They are Tam and Thu . You know? Now , I am a freshman and live far my family . When I miss my parents, Tam and Thu always stay with me and I am not sad, lone. I am very grateful them.

Jan 4, 2015 3:01 PM
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I think that oneday , your true friend will appear

January 4, 2015

Yes, best friends will brighten you up. You're very lucky.

At least, than me. I don't have a real best friend...phew

January 4, 2015
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