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are you afraid to live in another country far from your relatives and love ones?

Sometimes I want to live in another country because here in my country the opportunities are very limited. It is difficult to get a good job, to advance in your career, the wages are slow, the rate of corruption is very high, the education is very bad, our health system sucks, etc. Also I would like to know another culture, another way of thinking, taste new food, see with my eyes the snow (the weather in my country is tropical so we don't have seasons and I have never travel abroad), new places. Etc. What refrain me to live in another country is mainly my love for my family I don't want to be far away from them for a long period of time, I don't have enough money as well but I think that the biggest issue is my attach for my family. Sometimes I am confused because I want to leave my country and explore another life. I know if my economical situation were different i wouldn't seek opportunities in another place (despite all the bad things i cited previosly I love my country). I stablish a deadline for improving my economical situation if not with sadness and tears in my face I will look for a country with better economical conditions and I will travel. That's another reason why I am learning languages. I have heard that Canada is a good option to live.


What do you think are you facing a similar situation ?

Jan 4, 2015 6:39 PM
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I was afraid of moving abroad. I tried it and then realized that the only thing I could do abroad was working as a cleaner. I had the opportunity to leave my country but I ruled out that opportunity because I did not want to work as a cleaner. I tried hard to get my degree in engineering and I don't want to have an unskilled job in another country. 

January 4, 2015

Indeed interesting! 

Moving to another country can be the same as changing homes from one community to another, or from the rural to urban and vice versa. It can be very frightening. The main differences is that, you will be further away from your loved ones, and be in a new environment and / or culture.

However, before making such a decision there are some things you must first consider and some questions you need to ask:

 1. Why do i want to leave (pleasure, running away from something, educational / economical opportunities;
how well can i manage on my own *am i spend thrift, do i budget well*?)

2.  After deciding on the reason(s), research thoroughly about the country you wish to migrate to.
-the culture, people, language, religion etc (think not lightly concerning these!)
- how long will it take me to be employed?
-what type of job will i be able to get?
-what is the expected wage/salary?
-how will my accomodation needs be met?
-what is the standard of living in the country like?
-will my income cover my needs / responsibilities?
-how are foreigners treated?
-how much money should i take with me and how long will it last before i can replenish it?
- what are the requirements to travel to this country
-do i have the necessary money to accomplish this

3. Is it worth it?
Some persons believe that abroad is a Bed of Roses; well, that is not always the case. 
Many persons travel and have to be working like hogs, two to three jobs. They are treated badly (some) and have to settle for jobs less than what they are qualifies for.

HOWEVER, this has been a beautiful and life changing experience for some.

*you dont have to have such a plan, because some persons go in faith and it works out (among other reaons for others). But at least ensure that you are not blindly stepping out*


January 5, 2015

I studied French and hold a DELF B2 Certificate but never tried to apply to go there. I have been told it takes 5 years to get a visa and as a Colombian one's qualifications are not valid at all there. 

January 4, 2015

I'm from the USA which everyone refers to as land of opportunity.  Well, we have our problems too. 


I'm actually already selling everything I have to move somewhere else.  It's just me, sis and mum so I wouldn't feel like I lost anyone if I left.  Sometimes you have to give up everything to discover what it is you are looking for.

January 4, 2015

Hello Pavel you are right the decision is up to me. I used to live in another city 10 hours from my family and I was very sad because I missed them so much. I don't know if it is something cultural but we are very attached to our families and we like to share many things with them. Even they have said to me that if that is for my benefit I should go but I think that i will miss them so much. Well when I say to live, I mean establish my home in another country and maybe come back to my country for visit

January 4, 2015
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