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do you prefer to work for others or to have your own business ?

I think that both sides have advantages and disadvantages, Right now I am working in a company, as a positive things I don't have to worry about making clients, I dont have to worry about health insurance and other stuff like that, I am sure with the same wage every month. As a negative things I have a boss and I have to make the things that my boss wants me to do even if I think there are better ways of doing that, I can't manage my time, Even if I work very hard I get the same wage.


I would like to have my own business but I don't have much ideas.

Jan 4, 2015 8:53 PM
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When I lived In Venezuela some years ago. We had our own familiar business with some success. I remembered as an advantage that we had carte-blanche with the time-tables. We did not have to go to the office and the better deals were in the street. We earned enough money for our living expenses, and a bit more. Later I realized that I worked more than 12 Hours and I had not enough time for  sharing with my family.

  Nowadays I work for others, just seven hours and have the same echonomical problems, but I have a lot of free time to stay with  my relatives. It is difficult sometimes. There are some bad days, but in general everything is OK. Although there is always that feeling of insecurity (What happen if I lost my work). People have to be careful and make plans for their future.

  To sum up, I think that is a matter of your own personal interests and ambitions. Probably you never acquire wealth working for others, sometimes the echonomic situation is not helping, but have a business is a good oportunity for show your virtues like commitment, dedication, etc. The reward is there waiting for you.

January 4, 2015

Hi! :)

Sincerely, I don't like working with others. In my class, I'm the one who wants to do everything by herself. This is not bothering me at all. Although my classmates see me like a 'strange', I feel really comfortable because all I do is good. ;)

January 4, 2015

It depends also of people. We can not say what is better becouse for some of us better will be to have own bussines, and for others .. better will be corporation.
I have own bussines and also Im working for some companies. Its hard me to decide what is most important for me .. I am strange, I know :)

January 4, 2015

Hello, i have my own work, and I personaly think that this is better because there is many sotisfactions to token. But sometimes when I have problems with customers i prefer to be to the other side. Sorry for my mistakes

January 4, 2015
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