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love of homeland
In Al Hijaz, amid rock and sand
A pair of birds surveyed the land
From a solitary tree where they’d spent the night
Now whispering in the morning light.
A travelling wind was passing by
When seeing the two was heard to sigh
Oh two jewels in a landscape bare
I do not mean to stop and stare
But I’ve seen all of San,ah in the shade of Addan
I’ve crossed skies like the heavens of Ze Yazan
Seeds there are sugar-sweet and plenty
And water tastes like milk and honey
Alight my back and in weather fair
In no time at all we will be there.
Then spoke the wiser one of the two
Oh wind, you are only travelling through
If Al Yaman is God’s Paradise, in all it’s worth
It cannot compare to the land of my birth
By Diana
Dec 16, 2008 6:00 PM
Comments · 4
oh yes i see
December 18, 2008
please explain in english...thank you
December 17, 2008
this poem gives the meaning of         قصيدة     حب الوطن
December 17, 2008
thank you
December 16, 2008
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