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About "DOG".

A few days a ago  I made a disscussion about dirty words and i got a lot of responses. Actually I just try to know foreign cultures. Ok , I'd like to know something about 'dog'.

There was a NBA game between Laker of Los Angeles and Rocket of Huston at the beginning of this season. Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard happened a conflict in the game. The following is what they said.
Kobe:soft!try me!
Howard : I know you,dog!
I think 'DOG' is very offensive, right?
In Chinese dog is a very bad word. be careful to use it in Chinese. it is offensive. It can be used to call enemy , betrayer.

Jan 5, 2015 1:21 AM
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They were probably using the slang word, which people write as "dawg." It's not a pejorative term (insult); it's just an informal way of addressing someone, like "bro." 

January 5, 2015

Thank you all of you. I really appreciate your responses. your answers are really helpful.

January 5, 2015

  Similarly,  in    North America and Europe,  the female dog  has been  referred to by dog breeders

as a "bitch".   The term is not a pejorative, but is a normative term.


 Historically however,  the greatest of all insults to a woman,  would be to refer to her as a bitch, which is degrading to the woman,  bestowing upon her no higher status than that of a dog.


    So also, deriving from the subculture of the black ghetto in the United States, both the slang and the popular music of that subculture,  refers commonly to  women as "bitches"  or "bitch" or "bioch" or "biotch".


  Moreover,  they adoption of other degrading  terminology  such as "Hoes"  or "Hos"

(meaning whores or prostitutes)  is also   popularized in the same subculture.


   All of which is to say, that   this kind of talk is basically,  garbage, reflective of the most vile

sentiments. Whether I am writing or speaking to people,  I  never use such expressions.

First, because I would never intentionally offend any other person.

Second, because  human beings have a Soul, and they are  not the same as Animals.

Third, because  I have more respect for any  individual's uniqueness than to ever refer to them

in degrading language.





January 5, 2015

This view of the human being coincides with the Scientific Definition of Man, which does not really differentiate between Mankind and Animals. Man is nothing more than an animal, according to the Sciences broadly accepted today as credible sources of data. The Scientific Theory of Natural Selection therefore, would be the only credible model for human experience. Thus, referring to your fellow man as "Dog" is an affirmation of the Law of the Jungle, which is of course;

Kill---Or---Be---Killed or Eat---Or---Be---Eaten.

This is exemplified in the gang culture of the ghetto with its drive-by shootings and the popular music which glorifies the culture of violence.

That is why I suggest that if you seek to adopt some elements of English Language for your own, that you adopt other conventions than referring to other persons as Dog.

January 5, 2015

  However,  there are   other psychological analyses that are relevent to the proposition that modern people are going around,  referring to one another  as "Dog".


 It derives psychologically and socially from the popoular misunderstanding that human beings,

or homo sapiens sapiens, is  nothing but an animal species;  to wit,  a  kind of  primate (monkey)

or in simpler terms,  a  "dog"   The human being therefore,  seen as a Dog,  can be understood to be the creature who engages only in the very same activities that a Quadruped (4-legged)  creature engages in.


   Dogs,  as a species,  are   primarily engaged in hunting,  fornicating,  fighting, and sleeping.

There can be even  insights into the behavior of the Wolfpack and so forth, with   Alpha Males, and submissive males  or Alpha Females and Submissivie Females.


   The point being that   the  understanding of human beings, which has come out of the black ghetto, is that human beings are nothing more than  dogs. 



January 5, 2015
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