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Podcast recommendation :)

Recently I just started to listen to podcast. It seems it's a good way to know more info about English culture and improve one's listening. If you listen to it as well, can you recommend some of your favorites to me? If possible, can you also give me a brief introduction of the podcast programme? Thank you very much. :)

Jan 5, 2015 3:03 AM
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I like to listen to:


1. Real life English:

These podcasts are made for learners. You learn new vocabulary in context. It's entertaining and easy to understand.


2. Stuff you should know:

These podcasts are informative and fun, at least that's my opinion. They discuss all imaginable issues, so that it's possible to choose the topics you are interested in.


3. TED Talks:

These are videos but you can also download the audio. In their talks these (famous) people discuss important everyday's problems, world-shaking themes but also new results of research. It's a great possibility to get an impression about the variety of the English language. If it was too difficult to understand, you can fade in subtitles (in different languages).



January 5, 2015

this is my recommendation:

e-books and audiobooks ...

January 5, 2015

I prefer audiobooks.


January 5, 2015

you ask a great question, we 'the English learners' have a big problem

what can we listen to to improve our English? actually it depends on why you are learning the language.

I always search the internet to look for good things to listen to this is some i found:


1- the best audio and sound site in my openin "the sound cloud"

2- you can listen to radio by country and genre

3- i found an old English podcast but i can't found its web site

i found +360 of it on torrent sites if you want


i wish that was helpful to you.



January 5, 2015

and also there is a web site:, where there is every day lesson, and in it there is every day audio podcast.

January 5, 2015
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