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Can anyone help me memorise Spanish words? I've just finished my Spanish A1 course and I could speak much Spanish now. However, my vocabulary is very limited because I can't remember those words. Can anyone give me some advice in this way? Or recommend an App that could help me and be downloaded on my iPhone? ¡Muchas gracias!
5. Jan 2015 13:39
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**Strategies to acquire vocabulary**

Firstly I apologize because my English is basic, I'm still learning.
I hope these tips are helpful to you.

Some strategies to learn vocabulary and practice that has already been acquired are:

- Learn sentences or phrases instead of single words, the brain retains much easier when words associated with a complete idea. For example, instead of trying to memorize the word "CAsa" and then the word "Bonito/a" learn the whole sentence "La casa es bonita".
This also allows become fluent in listening and speaking, at the same time is learned vocabulary.

- The key is to associate: our brain works by association, if we try to learn a list of words through method: read or hear the word - read or hear its translation - repeating and try remembering; this is not only boring and sometimes frustrating, as well as "memorized" easily forget because it has been "saved" but not learned.
  The ideal is to associate the word (one that we wants to learn) with a word we already known and even associate it with an idea and emotion. Because our brain remembers more easily everything that is associated with an emotion.

- Learn topics: We continue with the same... association, learn topics means studying words you're related. For example: home, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. And remember to place them in a sentence "The kitchen of my house is great"

- Easy Readings: Keep reading but, easy and short readings I have several readings of this type with annotations in Chinese and English which,If you want I'd Gladly share with you.

- Play music!: write some of the words you want to learn, make some sentences with them like a song and go!

- Video Kids Songs: Easy to learn, I have several videos that I can gladly share with you if you want.

I'll post this response as a topic hopefully useful to more people.

5. Januar 2015

You can try using Rosseta Stone

9. November 2015


15. November 2015

Hi, I can help you, we can learn together. by whatsapp 

15. November 2015

I spend 45 minutes a day using Anki, it's free and I have learned tons of words and phrases.

15. November 2015
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