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cant find the correct meaning of a word in a certain context.

hello italki community.

i hope any nativ english speaker can help me to make the pieces fit. there is a word, "Yosemite" which was used as Shipnames, and also a populare part hold this name. here is a video i've been watching and the meaning of the word seems to be like an insult. is someone able to tell me whats the meaning here? my own researches had no success. thanks!

Jan 6, 2015 7:23 AM
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   The actor using the term  Yosemite,  is Jeff Daniels,  who also played the role of

Colonel Joshua  Chamberlain  in  "Gettysburg". Gettysburg is the movie about the Civil War Battle,

He also played in the  comedy  "Dumb and Dumber" .   Daniels offers good performances as an actor,

but it is important  that in thes  scripted presentations,  inclusive  of  the   introduction  of the  orchestra at the end of the film segment  where Daniels Speaks,  should  cause a person to take some exception.


   The Sweeping Generalizations  used  by the actor,  are no less questionable as answers, than the initial question is  demonstrative of a Sweeping Generalization.  People who can actually think,

do not allow themselves to be  Led---Around---By---The---Nose  as that audience and panel is.


   These are "Set Ups". The choice of the beatifically beaming and bright-eyed, pert young blonde who asks the question, is all part of the manipulation of the understanding and perception of the viewer.



January 6, 2015

The entire question and its answers in the movie were all muddled. The movie makers are trying to make a point, and they do not do that well. The other characters on the panel of 3 that answers questions, are also depicted as stereotypes. The movie also uses the device of profanity.Thus, for people who cannot think clearly to analyze an issue, if some fellow cites a few facts, and gets "set off" on a TELL-ALL using profnaity, it is to be concluded that he is a truth speaker.

That is not true of course, but this movie is representative of the common confusion that modern people have to deal with.

January 6, 2015

 This is Yosemite  =


   When the man  uses Yosemite, he is  referring to it as an  an abstract and mostly irrelevant subject.

He says; "I don't know what you're  talking about...Yosemite?" 


    Meaning;  "I don't know what you are talking about when you ask  why


is the Greatest---Country----In----The----World.  Are you talking about  a  Mountain,  some forest, or

the price of eggs  in some far off country?  What does that even mean when you ask about  "greatest".


   This appears to be a segment of a movie.   The character  is proposing that the question is absurd.

Some people rely upon  SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS for much of their understanding. They go around asking GENERALIZED statements which really have no meaning,  unless one is discussing an issue with people who cannot use critical thinking skills.


  That is why the character  cites specifics.  Ideally,  most knowledge would be based upon specific facts.



January 6, 2015

thank you. well this word seems to have no meaning as it is supposed to have in this video. i thought its a provoking or insulting worth and i just donw know the meaning of it yet, because the crowd did  "ouuuhh", like a shocking reaction. thanks for your explaining. i appreciate it!

January 6, 2015
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