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Do you have any obsessions? And what are they ?

To being obsessive is known as a disorder medically. But usually it can lead you funny situations unless you don't suffer from your obsessions. For example l am obsessed about symmetry of the object aroung me. I usually feel like interfering and making it symmetrical. Or I cannot touch the ring bells or doorhandle without a tissue. I remember that when l was a kid, l used to argue with my sister insistently just because to sit the same place to have my breakfast every single morning. And it makes me an experienced obsessed :) But no l will not see any doc. because these things are not uncontrollable, unresistable, disturbing and distracting. So yes l decided that l am okay, after l read a few articles about it :) 


How about yours :) ?

Jan 6, 2015 10:18 AM
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Wow! l wanted to have fun but you made it funnier than l thought. There is no need to take it that much seriously.

1-5.If you are okay then you don't need to see any doc. and if your obsession is not uncontrollable or other negative stuff then it means you are okay.

2.Obsessions do not have to be just privat so there is no any recommendation about opposite of that.(above)

-When l said " article" l meant scientific papers, not newspapers, because that's what l learned. And if its wrong then l wont feel hesitate to learn/use the right one.

3.There is no any limit of my question, that's why l did not need to indicate of my obsession definition.

4.Siblings can have disagreements and the funny thing this is obsession itself not "Fighting with a family membe" if you read again with less critical mind.




January 6, 2015

Welcome to my world Zeynep ;)

I can't sit in a place unless I rearrange things in a symmetrical way, my niece calls me "Monk" (,")

And in case you don't know Monk, I suggest that you watch an episode or two:


Actually I've been told I'm obsessed about being too much organized, but I can't take it seriosuly because it came from people who are too messy and they live their lives by the "Organized Mess" theory! In case you don't know that theory, I'll tell you ;) It's having everything left in the place where it was last used because this is the only way to find them again!

I really hate that theory (,")

January 6, 2015

Wow Zeynep, I never noticed this discussion before but after reading the first two comments I declare you the Winner of the Internet.  Congratulations!  Seriously, well done.

February 16, 2015

Ezzat, it seems my obsession is nothing in comparison with yours. I am afraid only of heights but not wide places. And this is understandable because it is always dangarous to be on high places.


But how wide places can threaten your health or your life? I cannot understand it. I would say more, I like wide places because I can breathe deeper and feel better.

August 18, 2015

hi zeynep it's nice to meet you in the first i want to express to you about how much we love  turky your home country  in egypt  the second thing it's so hard for me to talk about this because this obsessions are making a big obstacles in my life i have a phobia from the wide places & from the high places too i suffer from this phobia from 10 years & i don't know any specific reason for this thing & i hope to get my last life before this 10 years back  

August 18, 2015
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