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The eating culture of Chinese

中(zhōnɡ) 国(ɡuó) 人(rén) 常(chánɡ) 说(shuō) , 民(mín) 以(yǐ) 食(shí) 为(wéi) 天(tiān) 。 中(zhōnɡ) 国(ɡuó) 人(rén) 把(bǎ) 工(ɡōnɡ) 作(zuò) 叫(jiào) " 饭(fàn) 碗(wǎn) " , 把(bǎ) 干(ɡān) 工(ɡōnɡ) 作(zuò) 叫(jiào) " 混(hún) 饭(fàn) 吃(chī) " , 干(ɡān) 得(dé) 好(hǎo) 叫(jiào) " 吃(chī) 得(dé) 开(kāi) " , 干(ɡān) 的(de) 累(lèi) j 叫(jiào) “ 吃(chī) 不(bù) 消(xiāo) ” , 干(ɡān) 砸(zá) 了(le) 叫(jiào) “ 吃(chī) 不(bù) 了(liǎo) 兜(dōu) 着(zhe) 走(zǒu) ” , 下(xià) 岗(ɡǎnɡ) 了(le) 叫(jiào) “ 喝(hē) 西(xī) 北(běi) 风(fēnɡ) ” 。

Jan 6, 2015 12:34 PM
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This is very hard to read.

If possible, please write without the pinyin right next to each character in paranthesis.

If I am looking for pinyin, I can easily copy and paste the text written in characters to Google Translator.


January 6, 2015



中国人常说,民以食为天。中国人把工作叫“饭碗”,把干工作叫“ 混饭吃”,干得好叫“吃得开” , 干得累“吃不消”,干砸了叫“吃不了兜着走”,下岗了叫“喝西北风”。

January 7, 2015







January 30, 2015

I can help you !

中国人常说,民以食为天。中国人把工作叫“饭碗”,把干工作叫“ 混饭吃”,干得好叫“吃得开” , 干得累“吃不消”,干砸了叫“吃不了兜着走”,下岗了叫“喝西北风”。

“民以食为天” means “人民以粮食为自己生活所系。天:比喻赖以生存的最重要的东西。”

January 7, 2015

I agree, I stopped trying to read it. Please write normally. If you wish to include pinyin for learners that don't read hanzi, write it separately underneath. 

January 6, 2015
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