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Love Triangles, Tell All!! :D Reciently, I have found myself deeply interested in a Taiwanese Drama called "Bull Fighting (鬥牛, 要不要)". It stars Mike He, Hebe Tain, and Lee Wei, and focuses around basketball, and business. It also contains a love-triangle, between the daughter of a big businessman, Shenxue (Hebe Tian), her guard Jicong (Lee Wei), and Ruohe (Mike He), the head basketball player and son of another corperation leader.

By turn of events, Ruohe losses the biggest 3-on-3 basketball game of the season, that would determine which college controlled a prime basketball court. By another turn of events, he ends up falling in love with the headstrong Shenxue who initially hates him because of the result of the basetball game. Meanwhile, Jicong, who has been by Shenxue's side for years, is coming to terms with his feelings for the girl.

But, by understanding the characters, the viewers all know just who Shenxue ends up falling in love with. Also as a veiwer, I can't help but to sympanthize with Jicong, and as the episodes progress, he becomes my favorite character.

Now, for my prompt/reason for posting: please share with me, in English (of course  :)  ), your favorite love-triangle; be it your own story of love or another drama or jst something you make up. This can also include unrequitted love or one that worked out for you. Anything and everything is accepted!! :D

Yours Truely
17 дек. 2008 г., 22:28
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