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Paranormal events

Have you ever had a paranormal event?

I have heard a lot of different stories, but I've never seen or heard something "unusual". I have to say that I'm really skeptic and maybe that's the reason why I haven't had any paranormal experience. I personally believe that all the different paranormal situations are "the result of the mind"*.

*: I don't know if it exists this expression. I just translated "resultado o consecuencia de la mente"

I will use this piece of writing to ask you if the words: weird, strange, extraordinary, bizarre are interchangeable.


Jan 7, 2015 3:08 PM
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The result of the mind. Is correct. I agree with Ruthi regarding the words that you are asking about.



1.He is a strange/weird guy. Strange + weird have the same meaning.


2. He is an extraordinary man. This has a positive meaning.


3. It is quite bizarre the way that he behaves. It has the same meaning as ''strange/weird'' but you cant say ''He is a bizarre man'' Or for me it would sound strange to say it.


Regarding a paranormal event. I am not sure what to think regarding the subject. Maybe there is a scientific explanation for everything but you never know. Things such as this really to make my hair stand on end. Lets put it this way, I would not spend the night alone in a haunted house/castle etc. 


I have lived in a house where a couple of strange things happened.

January 9, 2015

Ruthi and Plsdeluno asnsweted your questions on the usage of words. 


Am I a skeptic?  No.  I have seen people, heard voices and loud screams.  I even have seen the black shadow that hovered over me one night when I was laying in bed awake.  The first time I ever heard distinct voices was when I was 5 years old.  They were coming from a electric fan that was unplugged.  I always thought it was imagined until later in my years I experienced more paranormal events.  Object appearing in front of my eyes was the most usual that was hard to comprehend.


I was told by a well respected religious figure overseas and locally that the demon of death followed me most of my life which explains alot......I believe paranormal and Evil does exist.

January 10, 2015

I am also a sceptic.I don't believe in paranormal events.I think that they are just events we have not yet found a scientific explanation for.The words you mentioned are close in meaning,there are very slight differences in usage between them.

January 7, 2015

For what reason spirits would appear only in front to a few people? ._.

January 13, 2015
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