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【Basic Information】
    Name:anders                     Gender:Male

    Date of Birth:Apr. 1979       Work Experience:8 years

    Mobile phone:138-1111-1111    E-mail:

【Summary of Qualification】
    *  Strong knowledge of C&C++ and OOP.

    *  High proficiency in C&C++、shell programming in Linux environments.

    *  Excellent knowledge of VPN technolodgies such as IPSEC、IKE、SSL、PKI、
       PKCS standards. Good practice in IPSEC framework implementation.

    *  Strong knowledge of Firewall and  Good practice in implementing
       Linux based firewall.

    *  Strong knowledge of networking technologies such as TCP/IP, sockets
       programming, network protocols.

    *  Strong knowledge of SQL Language. Good practice in Sybase、
       SQL Server and mySQL.

    *  Skilled in tailoring Linux. Some experience with Linux kernel source,
       especially network part.

    *  Skilled in VC++、Delphi、Kylix、Java、HTML、XML.

    *  Skilled in CVS、SVN、VSS.

    *  Experience with Windows network(NDIS)

    *  Strong knowladge in CMMI Models, Some practice as project manager.

    *  Good communication (written and oral) and team-work skills.
【Professional Experience】
    2004 - Present     

        October 2006 - Present
 VPN & Firewall Developement Group Leader 
     *  Manage VPN & Firewall Developement Group
     *  Develope VPN & Firewall products
     *  Design and Coding

        March 2006 - September 2006   
 VPN V3.4.10 Project Manager
     *  Managed VPN V3.4.10 project.
     *  Designed & Implemented VPN V3.4.10.

        March 2004 - present   
 Software Programmer
 VPN Products
     *  Implemented IKE module.
        *  Implemented VPN log agent module.
     *  Implemented VPN HA module. 
     *  Improved performance and stability of IKE component.
     *  Improved performance of IPSEC component.
     *  Resolved the problems of VPN gateway's memory leak.I do it by using 'Valgrind' and 'splint'.
     *  Design and implement Dynamic VPN component.
     *  Design and implement VPN load balancing mechanism.
     *  Designed and implemented "Third party's CA" component. In this component, I writed a DLL which Used MS
        CSP interface and PKCS11 interface to read and write smartcard.

 Firewall Products
     *  Designed the architecture of firewall application layer.
     *  Improved performance of firewall application layer's architecture.
     *  Designed and implemented HA component.
     *  Designed and implemented VPN components.


    Henan University of Finance and Economics

    Bachelor of Science degree with a sofeware development specialty, 2001



   Basketball、Classical Music、Classical Literature


Dec 18, 2008 1:52 AM
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