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The Visible and Invisible

There is a great mystery that universe came into being with a big bang. But the mysterious question that appears in a critical mind is that how it happened. Where this matter; which made this big ball of matter came from?
But spirituality is the only answer to all such mysterious questions. It discusses the philosophy of invisible behind the visible.
Also now-a-days, science is talking about Antimatter, which is the real force behind matter. It says that this matter is because of antimatter.

Jan 8, 2015 8:35 AM
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 The moment  of singularity is a fascinating subject.


 The Scientific Theory of the Big  Bang leads us to podern the   most powerful ontological question;

Can  "something" come from "nothing".


  Or,  worded another    in a way that is contradictory,  although some people have postulated it this way, the question  becomes:  "Is nothing,  actually something".


 Nothing is not something. If that were  fact,  all of science can be eliminated and discredited.


 The following question becomes whether or not Science can maintain  its most fundamental tenet, which is that of Causal Completenes.  Can Science maintain its assumption that all  Natural Effects have  Causes? 


 If Science is going to inform mankind that   there can exist Effects without Causes, then all of Science is discredited.


 Generally,  what happens is that someone will argue that   "Nothing"  turns out to be "Something" referred to as  Quantum Foam or a Quantum Field; but those are not by definition,  a  "Nothing". Those are a Something.  So,  some   physicists today,  argue a very confused  array of  conclusions that are self-contradictory.



January 8, 2015
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