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A serious fight between heart and brain! Many of you are familiar with motives one may have for learning languages. Being able to talk to people that don't speak your language, building familiarity with different cultures through languages, learning how other people think about concepts, and so on. These are in addition to obvious reasons such as finding a job. I started learning German last year, and made some progress. I can say for example "Ich habe nicht durst." or "Wir reiden Pferde." (was it right?!). But my motive was just my desire, and I had really no need for it. Now, I have stopped for almost a year, and I think I'm not going to continue anymore, because the time could be spent on more necessary things. (But clearly I'm still thinking of it!) So what do you think? Should I listen to my heart? Can you motivate me? Or should I be pragmatic? PS: If you find any problems in my writing, you can always let me know. Thank you.
Jan 8, 2015 11:14 AM
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The site does not offer Farsi.  I expected it to. I should know better by now. Let's not talk about pragmatic decisions!!  :P

January 16, 2015

I think that if you like German or if you think it can helps you in finding a job, you should continue with learning it. I think that learning any language is worth of spend some time on it. If you really like it, you will find time to learn it. Good luck, whatever your decision is!

January 8, 2015

A strong desire to learn a language that we might not see as "practical" could be enough motivation to see it through if one has a plan, resources, and discipline to stick with it. It is a great idea.

I have no "practical" reason to learn Farsi, but I want to. Who knows where it will take me in the future, how it may or may not change my life or even someone else's. Some of my students who have seen me enjoy myself learning Farsi "just because" have become interested in learning it for themselves.  Our enthusiasm is contagious. :)

Also, when a certain level of fluency is reached with one language, it is a fantastic idea to begin another. It is about expanding ourselves and our world not just about being "practical". Or did you say "pragmatic"? :)


P.S.  I do see some mistakes in your message and will come back another time to point a few of them out!  :)

January 15, 2015

I see many people post a simple discussion topic in a forum like this, and I wonder sometimes, if the person posting their topic, every bothers to read the many other topics and learn from the discussions.

There are many things which can serve as a barrier to learning. I think if you found an inspiring friend you can over come the obstacles. If you find an inspiring website, you can overcome the obstacles. If you find an inspiring subject in the language you study, you can overcome your obstacle.

I think that you just mind find cause to continue. So I offer this one advice.

Try not to set your expectations too high. Take on a little bit of a study at a time. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Be loving to yourself. Knowledge is justified of her children.


January 8, 2015

  I have found this to be true Mehrin.  The "way" that one studies,  can be a way that is discouraging.


    People discuss many ways of doing something.  Some will say that you must work "hard" or

"practice, practice, practice".  Some will tell you that you cannot learn by using   a  "learning style" that is fun, and which inspires you to continue.


 You and read about strange and costly  learning "systems" which offer great promises.


   Among all of these various conventions, I would offer this to you.   In the doing of any thing, there can be a fun and enjoyable way of doing it.  But one will not find it, if one only tries the methods that are proclaimed to be "hard"  or which claim to avoid the benefits of modern audio-visual technology and computers and CD'S  and DVD's  with Movies and songs and Television shows and recorded programs that can be watched and listenened too.



January 8, 2015
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